Anatolia IML conference, 2008

A very interesting one-day conference on “Globalization of the Greek Stock market: what’s the current status?” was organized by the Anatolia Institute of Management Leadership (IML) of the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) on March 17, 2008, at Anatolia College.

The speakers presented the new trends in the global and the Greek stock market and set out the latest evolutions in the Greek bond market as well as the role of foreign investors in the globalization of the Greek stock market.

Speakers at the seminar were Mr. Iraklis Kounadis, Vice President of the Investment Bank of Greece S.A., who presented the reasons that led to the globalization of the Greek stock market in the last 6 years and the positive effects of the presence of foreign investors in Greece, while, at the same time, he stressed out the necessary changes that must be made by the stock companies and the stock market in order for them to face new challenges.

Mr. Konstantinos Kamaris, Head of Treasury and Capital Markets at the HSBC Bank plc., made a retrospection of the drachma/dollar equivalence, presented the positive effects of the accession of Greece in the EMU (European Monetary Union) and referred to the causes of the current crisis and the actions that need to be taken.

Mr. Evangellos Sofos, Sales and Marketing Director of the Ethniki Asset Management AEDAK made a short presentation of the history of joint investments in Greece and the development of unit trusts in our country compared to other markets and different investment cultures, focusing mainly on the fact that the new attractive products of stock companies will contribute to the development of the unit trusts market in Greece.

Mr. Asterios Tsoukalas, Head of the Regional Office of Thessaloniki of the Stock market Committee, was the coordinator of the event.

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