Anatolia IML conference, 2009

The one-day conference, Advertising: tapping the needs of modern consumers, organized by the Anatolia Institute of Management Leadership (IML) on April 4, was a great success. The speakers of the event presented the latest developments on communications and advertising, focusing on the most effective ways to approach consumers.

Mr. Fred Senn, Founding Partner of Fallon Worldwide and co-author of Juicing the Orange, was the keynote speaker of the event. Analyzing the changes in the field of communications, Mr. Senn showcased how to best sell ideas and build stronger bonds with customers. Mr. Senn argued that creative leverage can turn into a powerful business advantage and presented seven principles which underlie a strategically successful advertising campaign.

Mr. Thanasis Papathanasiou, Managing Director of Frank, addressed the issue of brand building in the digital era. Mr. Papathanasiou argued that brands should interact with consumers. When they succeed, they create a lasting impression; the more successful brands are, the stronger their impact is.

James Nass, CEO of Lowe, Athens, presented the transformation of ads during the economic slowdown. The ‘softer’, ‘classic’ or even ‘intimidating’ advertising approaches of the past gradually changed and it seems that advertisers decided to articulate messages using humor, the only means that can successfully capture the changing consumer behavior.

Finally, Christina Karabela, Managing Partner & Head Research Planner of QED, speaking on behalf of consumer researchers, emphasized that if and how much companies advertise is a message in itself. More than ever, every advertising message depends on what the competition does, Ms. Karabela argued, concluding that the focus nowadays is on ‘consumers’ rather than on ‘clients’…

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