5th Anatolia IML conference

Green growth in times of crisis: sustaining economic development in Greece?

Saturday, May 8 2010, 12:30 p.m – 2:30 pm

Venue: Raphael Hall/Anatolia College

The 5th Anatolia Institute of Management Leadership (IML) conference Green Development in times of crisis: a lever for economic progress in Greece? was a great success. In a crowded auditorium, the panel of distinguished speakers developed the concept of green growth and presented green business practices that could contribute to economic development in Greece. The conference provided a communication platform for all participants to exchange ideas and possible solutions to current challenges.


Yannis Maniatis, Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, spoke of the need to implement a new type of strategic development, the "smart green growth" which, he claimed, is the last great opportunity for Greece. Mr. Maniatis highlighted the need to save energy and promote energy efficiency measures, and described in detail the new policies and regulations the Ministry promotes in order to support the implementation of renewable energy strategies. The Minister concluded saying that rather than sharing nonexistent wealth, which is the ‘logic of bankruptcy,’ it is important to help everyone create wealth. “To distribute wealth, you have first to create wealth and “smart green growth” is the vehicle to create new national wealth.


Mr. Christodoulos Antoniadis, Executive Director & Deputy Managing Director, Piraeus Bank S.A. emphasized the need for the financial sector to invest in green technologies and support green business initiatives, which constitute a model for future economic development. Mr. Antoniadis cited the conclusion of the G20 Summit, held in Pittsburgh, U.S.A in 2009, namely that “the 20 most developed economies must invest at least 1% of GDP in promoting green economy." The benefits of such a move, Mr. Antoniadis claimed, are twofold: speeding up economic development and … reducing harmful environmental impacts.

Mr Dinos Benrubi, Chair, Board of Directors, Endesa Hellas S.A, Mytilineos Holdings presented the challenges for the energy sector and stressed the need for the design and proper implementation of green initiatives in Greece. He referred to innovative applications and a variety of different projects that have long been developed in other countries, including floating windmills, low-power biomass systems, green roofs and offshore wind parks. When properly designed and implemented, Mr. Benroubi argued, such green initiatives can stimulate the economy and generate numerous economic, social and environmental benefits.

The conference was coordinated by Ms. Eleni Andreadi, Environmentalist, Founder of the Environmental NGO "Agents of the Planet."

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