MBA Conference, 2005

The Retail Market and Shopping Centers

The development of organized shopping centers outside city planning limits affects not only the Greek retail marketplace, but also the wider expansion of large cities in Greece.  It is a matter of international interest associated with land and urban planning and combines economic, social and cultural parameters. In fact,  Retail Market development through Shopping Centers constitutes a new way of commerce compared to the traditional commercial environment of Thessaloniki.

After thoroughly examining different parameters of the new situation, the Division of Business & MBA at the American College of Thessaloniki organized a conference on  Retail Market & Shopping Centers on Saturday October 8, 2005. The conference mainly dealt with the challenges, effects and prospects of the Thessaloniki market;

the interaction with the suburban development of the greater Thessaloniki area and the effects on the city’s economy and the relationship of real estate with the retail market.

The guest speakers represented the following professional areas: Academia

Banking, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Commerce / Retail Market

Construction, Consulting & Development Agents, Entertainment, Land & Urban Planning, Public Sector, Real Estate.

Speakers pointed the significance of shopping centers in local communities and their contribution to the satisfaction of consumers’ multiple needs. There was also great reference to the impact of the development of shopping malls on the traditional market of the city center.



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